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Project topic selection- 5 criteria for selecting research topic for papers, thesis and dissertation



According to the educational curriculum, conducting research in a subject of study is a requirement for receiving a degree after graduation. As a result, this is carried out at the senior level at all academic institutions. It might be difficult for many students to select a study topic.

Due to their ignorance of the fundamentals of selecting a solid research topic, the majority of students wind up receiving low scores or even having to switch topics in the middle of their papers. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to inform final-year students about the fundamentals of selecting a research subject.

Project topic selection- 5 criteria for selecting research topic for papers, thesis and dissertation
Project topic selection- 5 criteria for selecting research topic for papers, thesis and dissertation

Research Project topic selection Process – choosing a topic in your field

We recommend the below technique for choosing a study subject to impose structure on the decision-making process and make the process less frustrating:

• Select one or more functional areas of specialisation, such as engineering, manufacturing, computer science, management, or teaching.
• From the functional area, select a sub-area. For instance, a student interested in human resources can write about hostile work environments or organisational behaviour.
• Look for potential study areas in that subdivision.
• Become familiar with the topics that are related to the ones that have been suggested.
• Consider every potential topic you decide on seriously and carefully. The student should write in at least three tentative subjects. After weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each issue, he should select the one that appeals to him the most.
• Finally, bring the selected issue to the supervisor for more discussion, explanations, and, if necessary, elaborations.

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Things to consider before Selecting a Research Project Topic

It is obvious that it makes no sense to start studying a unfamiliar subject. Of course, it might be claimed that the student can become familiar with the material during the course of the study. This has at least two drawbacks: first, he could be unable to justify it in front of the boss.

Second, he could subsequently discover that the subject is more challenging than he had thought or that the required resources are not readily available. Any of these unanticipated challenges can even cause him to lose interest in the subject. Therefore, the learner must keep the following standards in mind:

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Due to a lack of sustained enthusiasm in their initial study topic, several students have changed their research topics in the course of their studies. Some people could have selected it because their boss or another individual they couldn’t refuse proposed it.

They could have believed that to reject the subject at that point would have been to demonstrate their lack of gratitude, which would have been considered an insult to the supervisor. In either case, it is risky to choose a topic since, when times are rough, your enthusiasm in the subject will keep you going more than anything else.
When you can get trustworthy data to address the research questions, a topic becomes researchable. Using readily available and scientific instruments and methodologies, a researchable issue may be understood. Additionally, a topic can not be researchable if the student lacks access to the necessary information, not because the facts are unavailable.
• The feasibility of the study.
When discussing a study’s viability, it’s important to consider how much time, money, and effort it will take the student to finish the subject. Therefore, it is essential that the student project that he has everything necessary to do the research in terms of finances and supplies, as well as that he will be able to finish the study within the time period designated for it. He should stop before starting the issue if the response to this question is no.



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