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AI Detectors – Top 5 AI Detectors You Need to Check Your Papers

AI detectors have finally made work easier for writers, educators, and almost everyone. You do not need to worry again about how to analyze your content if it’s AI-generated or human-written. We have done deep research and were able to draft the top 5 AI detectors you need to check your papers. But before we list them, we must know what AI detector is and what they can offer.

AI detectors are tools that help scan text to know if it is AI-generated or human-written. With AI detectors, you can generate content and also check for plagiarism. You might be worried that these tools are to be paid for; yes, its true, but then you still have free ones that can do most of the work the paid ones do. Read on to know any AI detector of your choice that you can use to check your papers.

AI Detectors - Top 5 AI Detectors You Need to Check Your Papers
AI Detectors – Top 5 AI Detectors You Need to Check Your Papers

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Top 5 AI detectors you need to check your papers

Here are the top 5 AI detectors you need

1. Turnitin AI detector

Many academic institutions use Turnitin to check for student plagiarism. It is a web-based plagiarism checker that many writers and educators use.  Turnitin detects cheating 

Turnitin AI detector is used for checking plagiarism. It is a paid tool and can only offer some users an opportunity to open a free account if they are approved by the educational institution that has paid for the huge instructional package.

It is stated that students or anyone can not access the functionality of Turnitin because instructors mostly use it.

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  1. it is a paid tool
  2. perfect for checking plagiarism
  3. mostly used by educational instructors or institutions

2. ZeroGPT

zerogpt is a free tool that detects if your content is AI-generated or human-written. This tool allows users to have access to it without being confused, and also it supports multiple languages. It is reliable and 

Zero GPT is one of the best-recommended tools for Ai and Human-generated text. Even as a free, it has a high accuracy of 64%. It performed very well at finding texts that consist of AI or Human-generated text. Zero GPT has done its best by supporting multiple languages, making it the number one best free tool. It is very easy to use and demand a sign-up before using it. It gives percentages and also highlights if your text is Human gotten or AI-generated.

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  1. It is free.
  2. Accurate for a free tool
  3. Gives percentage and highlights text
  4. You need to sign up before use.
  5. One false positive.

3. GPTZero

GPTZero has two versions, the paid and the free version. With the paid version, you can have access to check plagiarism and highlight AI content. GPTzero is a free tool for detecting if a text is AI-generated or human-written. With our texting, we notice that GPTzero doesn’t show a percentage. Instead, it gives a sentence indicating your text, like ” your text is likely to be written entirely in AI “.

With further research on how it shows its result, it cannot detect a mix of AI and Human texts. Again, because of how it works, it gets a low accuracy score of 52%. While GPTzero is useful, it is found not to be very accurate.

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  1. It is free
  2. You don’t need to sign in; you must paste your text.
  3. Doesn’t show the percentage.
  4. Have low accuracy.
  5. One false positive.

4. Winston AI

Five Stars for Winston AI. This is a paid tool and the best of all the tools. Winston AI has a high accuracy of 84%. It is very clear to understand. It doesn’t label human text as AI-generated. It is best in detecting AI content when combined with human texts. It gives percentages and coloured highlights on the part of the text that is AI-generated. In pricing, it costs $18 a month per 80,000 words each month.

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  1. It is the most accurate among the whole tools
  2. It gives percentage
  3. No false positive
  4. Highlights text to indicate AI-generated.
  5. It requires sign-up.

5. Originality.AI

Originality.AI is a paid tool. It is recommended as the most accurate AI content sector and plagiarism checker mostly used by professional content publishers.  The price is $.01 per credit, each covering the scanning of 100 words. It also includes a plagiarism scanner and AI scanning capability. With further research, it is found to have an accuracy of 76% and can be used to paraphrase a text.

Originality gives a percentage that is text is AI-generated and highlights Text in various colours to label it as AI or Human-generated. In terms of pricing, it’s worth knowing that originality pricing is $0.01 per 100 words, but then it has its minimum speed of $20 for 200,000 words.


  1. high accuracy
  2. it can be used as a paraphrasing tool
  3.  it costs $200 per 200,000 words
  4. you must sign up for you to use it
  5. one false positive


how AI detectors are designed works in favour of all, mostly professional writers, educators and many more. It is draining that most AI detectors don’t do most of the work you might need, and also, it happens that the most recommended ones that are accurate happen to be the paid ones. but then the free ones can assist and do most of the work the paid ones can do.

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